Overhead Line Insulators

  Pic source:Power line magazine The insulators are the supporting structures in order to prevent the current leakage to the earth.Mainly the overhead line conductors¬† are bare and not covered with any insulating coating,thus the line conductor are therefore secured with the insulators.Insulator are mounted on the cross arms and the line conductors are attached … Read more

Supply system of Industrial plant

The transmission power lines will enter a distribution substation where the voltage will be stepped down to distribution levels where it will be distributed for use by industrial, commercial and residential customer. At these load points(industrial, commercial and residential customers), a transformer further reduces the voltage from 11 kV to 400 V to provide the … Read more

Electric Shock and Earthing

When the significant amount of the electric current passes through the parts of the human body there will be the disturbance and excitation of the function of nerves or muscles,termed as electric shock.A sudden discharge of the electricity through the human body is also termed as electric shock.A person occurs the electric shock when he/she … Read more

Distribution system design

pic source:https://www.electricalindia.in/electrical-distribution-network-for-smart-cities/

Distribution system The system which deliver power to electrical consumers at their place of consumption(in customer location and capacity to meet the customer peak demand and energy demand) for local use in reliably usable form(stable voltage quality,higher reliability) is distribution system.Distribution system is the bridge between the transmission system and the consumers meters. Transmission and … Read more

Corona in transmission line

Introduction In over headed transmission line,when an alternating potential difference is applied across two conductors,atmospheric air around the conductor is subjected to the electrostatic stresses.when there is low voltage ,there is no change in the condition of atmospheric air around the conductors.But,when the voltage is gradually increased ,a time arise when a faint luminous glow … Read more

Power System Structure

For the economic development of any country power is the basic need. The availability of electricity has been the most powerful tools to drive the economic and social change through the world. Improvement in the standard of living of the people, increase in the productivity in industry, agriculture basically depends upon the adequate supply of … Read more