Touch and step potential

Utility Products Step and Touch Potential Awareness: Improving Transmission Line Crew Safety | Utility Products

Touch and step potential when a fault occurs,the flow of current to ground results in voltage gradient on the ground surface in the vicinity of grounding system.This voltage gradient may affect a person in two ways through step or foot-to-foot contact and hand to both feet or touch contact. Resistance of the human body is … Read more

What is soil resistivity?Definition and measurement of soil resistivity

Soil Resistivity Definition Before the design of protective earthing,it is necessary to understand the nature of the resistance of ground and the various factors which govern it.When an electrode is driven into the ground,the region around the electrode is known as resistance area or potential gradient area and the fault current tries to flow away … Read more

Measurement of Earth Resistance

Measurement of Earth Resistance Potential fall method is used for determining resistance between the earthing plate and the surrounding ground in distribution system.The resistance area of an earth electrode is the area of soil around the electrode within which a voltage gradient measurable with commercial instruments exists. E = earth electrode under test,and A = … Read more

Resonant grounding or arc suppression coil grounding

Resonant grounding or arc suppression coil grounding In the arc suppression coil method of grounding,the arcing-ground danger has been eliminated and the system is approximated to the isolated neutral system,in which one or two healthy phases continue to supply power and complete shutdown on the system is avoided till the fault was located and isolated. … Read more