Geothermal Power Generation

Geothermal Power Generation Geothermal energy is the energy which lies embedded within the earth. Geothermal electric power plants are built on the edges of tectonic plates where high temperature geothermal resources are available near the surfaces. From the center of the earth, there are different zones such as solid metallic core A molten core A … Read more

Tidal energy power generation

Tidal energy power generation Tidal energy is the permanent source of energy. The rise and fall of tides nearly twice a day are associated with the rotation of earth every 24 hours in relation to both sun and moon. The tide amplitude may be considerable 18 to 21m have been noted near the Magellan strait … Read more

Rectifier : Half wave rectifier and Full wave Rectifier

Rectifier The electric power is usually available in a.c supply. The supply voltage varies sinusoidal and has a frequency of 50Hz and used for different purposes such as lightning, heating and electric motors. But there are many applications such as electronics circuit where d.c supply is needed. When such a d.c supply is requires, the … Read more

Transistor as an Amplifier

Transistor as an Amplifier The transistor amplifier circuit is shown in the figure ,shows the common emitter npn amplifier circuit. VBB is connected in the input circuit in addition to the signal voltage. This d.c voltage is known as bias voltage and its magnitude is such that it always keeps the emitter-base junction forward biased … Read more