Hydro Electric Power Station

Generation of Electrical Energy The conversion of energy available in different forms in nature into electrical energy is known as generation of electrical energy. Energy available in various forms from different natural sources such as pressure head of water, chemical energy of fuels, nuclear energy of radioactive substances etc. All the forms of energy can … Read more


Voltmeters The devices which measure potential difference in a circuit are called voltmeters. A voltmeter is connected in parallel with the circuit element across which the potential differences is to be measured .The basic principle of ammeter and voltmeter is the same .Both are current operated devices i.e deflecting torque is produced when current flows … Read more


Ammeters Definition: The devices which measures current in a circuit are called ammeters. An ammeter is connected in series with the circuit element whose current is to be measured. The basic principle of the ammeter is that the deflecting torque is produced when current flows through their operating coils. In ammeter the deflecting torque is … Read more

Electrical Measuring Instruments

Electrical Measuring Instruments Instruments used for measuring the physical as well as electrical quantities is termed as measuring instruments. Electrical measuring instruments may be classified according to their functions as Indicating Instruments Integrating Instruments Recording Instruments Indicating Instruments Those instruments which directly indicate the value of the electrical quantity at the time when it is … Read more