What is superposition theorem?

Superposition Theorem Superposition theorem states that” In an active linear network containing several sources(including dependent sources) , the overall response(branch current or voltage) in any branch in the network equals the algebraic sum of the responses of each individual source considered separately with all other sources made inoperative, i.e replaced by their internal resistances or … Read more

What is n-type semiconductor?

N-type semiconductor When a small amount of pentavalent impurity is added to a pure semiconductor it is known as n-type semiconductor. The addition of pentavalent impurity provides a large number of free electrons in the semiconductor crystal. Pentavalent impurity: Arsenic, Antimony Such impurities which produce n-type semiconductor are known as donor, impurities because they donate … Read more

What is Long Transmission line?

Long Transmission Line Lines having length more than 200 km are called long transmission line. As the line constants of the transmission line are uniformly distributed over the entire length of the line . However ,reasonable accuracy can be obtained in line calculations for short and medium transmission lines by considering these constants as lumped. … Read more

What is P-type semiconductor?

What is P-type semiconductor? when a small amount of trivalent impurity is added to a pure semiconductor, it is called p-type semiconductor. The addition of trivalent impurity provides a large number of holes in the semiconductor. Trivalent impurities: Gallium, Indium, Boron ,Aluminum The impurities which produces p-type semiconductors are known as acceptor impurities because the … Read more

DC Generator-Working principle and Construction

DC Generator Generator principle An Electric generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is based on the principle that whenever flux is cut by a conductor, an emf is induced which will cause a current to flow if ,the conductor circuit is closed. The direction of induced emf is given … Read more

what is parallel resonance?

Resonance in parallel A.C circuits (Parallel Resonance) An electrical circuit containing reactive elements(L and C) is said to be in resonance if the circuit power factor is unity. If it happens in a series a.c circuit (i.e R-L-C series circuit),it is called series resonance. If this condition(i.e unity p.f) occurs in a parallel a.c circuit .it … Read more