RLC Series Circuit

RLC Series Circuit The RLC Series Circuit is a circuit which consist of a  pure resistance of R ohms, a pure inductance of L Henry and a pure capacitance of C farads  connected together in series combination with each other. voltage across R ,VR=IR    where VR is in phase with I. voltage across C, … Read more

RC Series Circuit

RC Series Circuit A circuit that contains pure resistance R ohms connected in series with a pure capacitor of capacitance C farads is known as RC Series Circuit. Let , V=rms value of applied voltage I=rms value of the circuit current Voltage across R ,VR=IR    where VR is in phase with I. voltage across … Read more

RL series circuit

RL series circuit A.C circuit Ac series circuit differ from dc circuit. In dc circuit we consider resistance only but in case of Ac series circuit resistance(R) ,inductance(L) and Capacitance(C) are taken into account. L & C offer opposition(XL and XC) to the flow of current in ac circuit. The magnitude of current in an … Read more

what is reciprocity theorem?

Reciprocity Theorem Reciprocity theorem states that, “The ratio of excitation to response remains invariant in a reciprocal network with respect to an interchange between the points of application of excitation and measurement of response.” Explanation of Reciprocity Theorem Consider a reciprocal network N as a black box with only two branches 1 and 2. Suppose … Read more

Kirchhoff’s Laws

Kirchhoff's Current Law

Kirchhoff’s Laws Gustav Robert Kirchhoff derived two fundamentals laws applicable to any electrical circuit. This law explains the algebraic sum of all branch voltages around a loop and all branch currents entering or leaving node.(References polarities and references directions are taken into account). Kirchhoff’s current Laws(KCL) Kirchhoff’s voltage Laws(KVL)   1.Kirchhoff’s current Laws(KCL) Kirchhoff’s current … Read more

Primary Distribution system

Radial Distribution Feeder

Primary Distribution system Primary distribution operates at the high voltage such as (3.3,6.6 and 11 KV).Primary distribution is usually carried out by 3-phase,3-wire system.Electric power from the generating station is transmitted through extra high tension transmission lines at voltage from 33 to 765 kv,to the substations.At the substations called secondary substations the voltage is stepped … Read more