Reactive power measurement in Balanced Three phase circuit

Measurement of Reactive Volt- AMPERES For the measurement of reactive power in a single-phase circuit we used compensated wattmeter. In compensated wattmeter the voltage applied to the pressure coil is 90° out of phase with the actual voltage and the wattmeter will read the reactive power  VI cos(90° – Φ) i.e VI sinΦ.In single-phase measurement the … Read more

Magnetic circuits

Magnetic circuits Definition The closed path followed by the magnetic flux is magnetic circuit.All electric power machinery such as generator,transformer,motors depend for their operation on the magnetic circuits. A magnetic circuit consists of a structure composed for the most of high permeability magnetic material.The core is assumed to be composed of magnetic material whose permeability … Read more

Three phase Induction motor working Principle

Three phase Induction motor working Principle In DC Motors current is drawn from the supply and conducted into the armature conductors through the brushes and commutator. When the armature conductors carry current in the magnetic field established by the field, a force is exerted on the conductors which tends to move them at right angles … Read more

Three phase induction motor: construction

Three phase Induction motor Three phase induction motor are simple in construction as compared to DC Motorsor synchronous motor. They are widely used in electric motors in industry. The several features of induction motors are: A laminated stator core carrying a polyphase winding. A laminated rotor core carrying either a cage or polyphase winding, the … Read more